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SoleDrop is a rock shoe resoler founded to simplify the resoling process. We gaurantee that your shoes will be resoled within a week or your money back! Gone are the days of finding shipping material and a courier (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.) to ship your shoes away -- and then waiting months to get them back!

While it is important to us that resoling climbing shoes is both fast and convenient for our customers, it is equally important that we do so without sacrificing our principles of environmental responsibility and treating workers humanely.


We maintain a low shoe-to-cobbler ratio to ensure that we don't take more orders than we can resole in a week. This is essential to our 1-week guarantee, and prevents overworking the wonderful cobblers who toil to keep your shoes in sending shape.

Environtmentally Friendly

We take the environmental impact of our sport seriously. Resoling shoes not only reduces waste, but Soledrop takes the environmental savings of resoling one step further by making sure your shoes never leave your local area.

The transportation industry contributes nearly 2 billion metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, and we believe that getting your shoes resoled shouldn't be part of that problem. When reducing environmental waste is actually more convenient than waste, everyone wins!

Keep it local

We partner with local gyms, businesses, and cobblers to ennsure that your shoes never leave the local area. This means no trips to the post office, UPS, or Fedex for you, and you'll be back in your favorite pair of sending shoes in one short week.

How it works

The SoleDrop journey begins by placing an order for the drop-off location nearest you. If there are none, SIGN UP and you'll be notified when one opens in year area!

  • 1. Place your order in the app

    Place an order in the app and choose the location you would like to drop off and pick up your shoes

  • 2. Drop Off

    Drop off your shoes at the location you picked. We'll tag your shoes so they don't get lost.

  • 3. Pick up one week later

    Your shoes will be ready for pick-up in a week or your money back!

  • Happy Sending!

    See you next time

    You will be satisfied with your resole and we await your next SoleDrop!

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